“Hidden” advertising.

Greetings Bairns, i’ve just had a thought, something that’s been irritating me for a wee while…

Why do production companies make such ill conceived attempts to hide shameless plugs of new productions within loosely held together “arguments” for newspaper blogs? I find it marginally irritating. I find it more likely to put me off the production rather than tempted to see it. It feels sneaky and pointless somehow.

For example, the newest post on the Guardian Theatre Blog discusses the lack of political satire in UK theatre at the moment. One of the arguments is:

“Shakespeare’s plays are all about the business of ruling, but precious few contemporary playwrights engage at the same level.”

Yeeeesss… but this is a bit of an irrelevant comparison: how long ago did Shakespeare die? And how many of Shakespeare’s plays directly deal with the intricate political workings of Elizabethan government?

* awkward silence *

While I appreciate that by voicing a concern at the lack of satirical political theatre, this company are bringing about the perfect opportunity to plug their own production (and genuinely good luck to them from one artist to another) but i’m a wee bit confused as to why they even attempted to hide, what is essentially an advert in such a poorly argued “article”, which is more elaborated wonderings than constructive argument.

No offense, just my two cents!


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