To all my American readers… that’s right, both of you… Happy Thanksgiving!!

In fact, even to my non-American readers, I wish you all, in the spirit of the day, a happy start to the holiday season!

No doubt many of you will be seeking out the best of the various fun and frugal Panto’s and seasonal theatrical offerings to frequent over the next couple of months, and all things permitting I shall be right there with you!

Now, onto some preliminary panto/festive production ideas to get you a-pondering as you digest your pumpkin pie…

First up, we have something for the grown ups, in the form of Le Theatre De Decadence, performing their Burlesque and Christmas variety show at the Exeter Northcott on Monday 12 December. From the looks of things, it promises to be a fun filled, risque evening, perfect to get in the Festive spirit if you’re not a fan of the “he’s behind you!” brigade.

Next, we have something a little different for the theatre going sprog… Rogue Theatre have an unusual seas


onal offering with “Winter Wood” which promises to bring some of the more pagan aspects

of the holiday season to the forefront (a welcome change from the habitual commercialization usually drummed into the skiddy winks at this time of year). With numerous activities and interactive performances, “Winter Wood” is likely to be far more engaging relative to some of the comparatively passive pantomimes you’re likely to find.


Finally, on my Christmas “to see” list so far, is BikeShed Theatre’s musical take on Charles Dicken’s classic “Christmas Carol.” And whilst nothing could compare to the Muppet’s version as far as I’m concerned, I’ve high hopes for “Christmas Carol: Smoke and Mirrors”.


So there you are, I hope you’re thankful for this brief round-up of what I think will be *cracking* (christmas crackers, cracking? Ha ha- ah never mind) productions to see this December, and don’t forget to check back for more to add to your list, as well as upcoming reviews and theatrical type ponderings.

Ciao for now, and once again, I say to you, “Happy Thanksgiving!”


Zee ultimate in Christmas Carol adaptations.


2 comments on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  1. Rose Harvey says:

    Thank you from Axminster Operatic Society for the wonderful write up you gave us on you web site for Annie Get Your Gun! We all felt a bit flat when the show finished and so you have revitalised our spirits to look forward to next year’s rehearsals for Anything Goes next November. I wish we had met you when you came to see the show and as you say Nicky Sweetland was amazing. She never let her character slip and she was a joy to work with. Would you mind if I used your review in the papers? Do you live locally? If not, how did you hear about AGYG?
    Rose Harvey

    • Dear Rose,

      As an actress myself I can appreciate the onset of the post-show blues, therefore I am so glad to hear that you and the cast enjoyed the review: I would be more than happy if you wished to use it for the papers!

      I live within the Smeatharpe area the other side of Honiton, so Axminster is not a usual haunt for me: I actually heard of the Axminster Operatic Society through an acquaintance who turned out to be one of the chorus members (rest assured this caused no bias on my part).

      I’m very much looking forward to the next production, and do please feel free to stay in contact.

      All the best!


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