Good God! It’s the 1st of November! You know what that means kiddies- yes that’s right! Donate your Jack-O’lanterns to the compost, brush the taste of Halloween sweeties out of your cavities and chuck another log on the fire,  because that time is coming. Oh yes. THAT TIME. FRICKIN’ CHRISTMAS TIME BABY!! HELL YEAAAH!

Mr. Jack-Pumpkin-Head-Beast. Soon to become best friends with the compost.

I will admit that I’ve already indulged in a little (ridiculously) early Christmas spirit when I was spring-cleaning (Autumn cleaning…? Meh…) my music library on October 30th. My main line of thought was “Oh! I just want to listen to this ONE song!!” which then turned into a plethora of festive tunes including Mariah Carey, Wizzard, and a few other of the initially much loved classics that many a Scrooge end up detesting by the 3rd of December. (However, things had gone too far when I ventured into ‘Smurf’s Christmas Party’ territory . I had to be taken into account and stop listening for the sake of all humanity. Those Smurfs knew what they were doing. Evil little buggers).
Anyway, in my opinion, from the end of October until the end of December is definitively THE BEST, most FANTASMAGORICAL time of year! There’s so much going on! For starters you’ve got Halloween (been and gone already but still lingering on our tooth enamel). Then of course there’s Bonfire/ Guy Fawkes night! A brilliant excuse to indulge in a bit of arson, Wicker-Man standard bonfires and scaring the shit out of tiny animals all over the country (I’m kidding, just follow the usual advice, stay safe, don’t mess about with fireworks unless you know what you’re doing and don’t scare the bejesus out of your little furry friends, and they will love you forever and ever and ever 🙂 ). Of course our friend-beasts across the pond have Thanksgiving coming up, which is a fricking brilliant idea! Thinking about how lucky you are is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re not taking everything you have for granted 🙂 And the perfect way to set that off, is to eat a fuck-ton of food. *Nervous giggle.*
Again of course I’m kidding: there’s a lost of waste that goes with celebration however you look at it, and the same goes for Christmas (ERMAGERD CHRISTMERSS!!!!!) AND Thanksgiving, AND Bonfire night, AND Halloween: they’re all great family Holidays and should be celebrated! But I’ve just got to put my prude cap on for a moment and say that there’s a lot of us, and if we’re all wasting a load of stuff every time we celebrate something, that’s a whole load of resources down the pan (e.g. too much food gone to waste either in the bin or in our stomachs; wrapping paper; fire-work rubbish; sweetie wrappers; electricity usage etc etc). So, a bit of organisation and contemplation could go a long way with regards to making our Holiday season both epically awesome and ecologically sound right? So, with that in mind, I’m going to scrounge around for some of the best tips and tricks I can find for helping us all have a really awesome, happy, non-wasteful Holiday season! And that way you may forgive me for writing a bit of a preachy-post. And for listening to the Smurfs’ Christmas Party (although I know that this may take time to forgive).

The Sound of Pure Evil. And I love it.


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