Performance Poetry for Comic Relief

Click on my face to make a donation to Comic Relief via my giving page!

Click on my face to make a donation to Comic Relief via my giving page!

Good day to you my beautiful squirts! I hope you’re all foxy and gorgeous… what am I saying? Of course you are! What’s that you say? Your shameless flattery senses are tingling? Weeeell, that’s funny because I was actually shuffling towards not so subtly asking you a favour (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve pigeon hoarding or upside-down hootinannies).

There’ll be, for the first time, some videos popping up on the blog over the next few days. This is a considered step away from my usual medium of expression in aid of Comic Relief.

Over the next three days I’ll be releasing three videos, of three of poems which I’m going to perform for you all absolutely free. SCOT-FREE. No Scott’s or Oats to be found anywhere.

All I’d ask in exchange for these readings, is that you very kindly donate whatever you can to Comic Relief. You can click on my face (above) in order to donate via my Red Nose Day giving page ( or accost me with a fistful of cash when you see me.

images (1)

With your help we can smash the back doors in of the target and hopefully surpass it with extreme brevity, flicking it the bird as we go (in a non-malicious, celebratory, fantasmagorically awesome kind of way).

The first video will be posted this evening, but if you wanted to get a head start with making your donations then please, click on my face. Don’t be shy… I’d like it. Okay that’s weird but gaddamnit it’s for a good cause so do it! If you have some reservations about tapping me in the forehead, just follow this link and please give whatever you can. Lots of love, thank you very muchly and check back later for the first of your three free poetry readings 🙂 BIG SQUIDGES! Xxx



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