The Badger Cull

I make no qualms or apologies about it. I am adamantly against the course of action the government has adopted for attempting to prevent the spread of Bovine TB: a 70% cull of Badgers in England & Wales, the first stages of which will be set into motion this weekend in West Somerset and Gloucestershire.

I’d urge everyone with a sense of morality to fight against this incentive.

Killing the majority of one species to possibly save some lives of animals we only keep for exploitation anyway is as illogical as it is immoral. Applying the same principle to humanity would be tantamount to genocide.

If, for example, we had a pandemic of bird flu, swine flu or some such, and instead of creating vaccines, and other medicinal means of combating the virus, we just killed everybody infected. Even contemplating such an option would be ludicrous, barbaric; so why apply the same principle to a different species?

Because some people think it doesn’t matter. Badgers, humans, they’re entirely different.


A life is a life.

People suffer, animals suffer, we share this in common. So instead of the experimental 70% cull (read: mass murder) in West Somerset and Gloucestershire, why was there not an experimental 70% vaccination policy implemented? Because it was just “cheaper and easier” to authorise such a scheme. Death vs ethics, and death won as a result of ‘financial considerations.’ This is laughable, considering the annual wage of one MP (excluding ‘expenses’) would probably have been enough to pay for the ethical alternative.

It’s not even a matter of Cows vs Badger, as the cull only provides a ‘possibility’ of lessening the spread of bovine TB.

So, based upon the POSSIBILITY (not certainty) of LESSENING (not eradicating) this disease, the government is advocating the slaughter of nearly an entire species of wildlife which are vital to the ecological construct of the countryside, and to our natural heritage.

If, like me, you passionately believe that the proposed Badger cull is a horrific injustice, when there are humane alternatives available, please write to your local MP registering your opposition, and/or sign the petition:

You can find out more about the badger cull from the following websites:

Thank you X


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