Good news & new reviews!

If I were being reserved, I might say ‘I’m delighted’ to announce that some special features will be appearing on the blog in the near future. As it is, I’m more than delighted. I’m as ineffably chuffed as a happy chaffinch, to have been fortunate enough to gain a spot on an exclusive blogging event for the RSC! (Hello childhood dream, I extend my grabby fingers towards you in glossy-eyed wonderment)…

I was quite pleased. Just a little bit. Yippee!

This is my pleasantly surprised face. (AARGH! MY EYES! DON’T LOOK AT IT!)

As such, I’ll be off to the Swan Theatre in Stratford on June 27th, in order to see the RSC’s new production of Titus Andronicus, and to take part in a Q&A with director Michael Fentiman, and cast members Stephen Boxer (Titus), Katy Stephens (Tamora), and Rose Reynolds (Lavinia). Myself and the other lucky jammy bloggers attending will have the opportunity to discuss the production, fire off a load of questions, and generally have a good time making a potential nuisance of ourselves discovering some valuable insight into the play, and the RSC’s working construct.

So if the bard’s your bag, Shakespeare’s your sweetheart, or the RSC’s your… G&T? (*shrugs*) keep an eye out for a series of related posts which will be popping up onto the blog soon! (ish) 🙂 In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for Titus Andronicus here:

(be warned, possibly NSFW, and most assuredly not suitable for teeny children) X


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