About me…





I’m a Devonshire born adventure-er, poet, writer, actress, and creative dogsbody with a fondness for peas and porridge.

The blog…

catl3yscrux.wordpress.com was originally birthed as ‘curtainclaws’, a theatre criticism blog established as part of my Drama & Creative Writing degree at University. Over time however, it has developed into a means of expressing my passion for a myriad of personal interests, including reviews and lifestyle blogging alongside dramatic and literary discourse.

Catl3yscrux also plays host to the links for my self-published e-books and paperbacks, as well as my waffle* and poetry based Youtube videos. (*Verbal waffle that is, not potato waffles. They’re gross).

Poetic Style. (And what not):

Since graduating in 2011, I’ve been seeking and developing my personal and literary identity. As a writer I endeavour to provide interpretations of individual and communal experiences, the world; what it means to live and how we understand ourselves through poetic, dramatic, and linguistic mediums. My writing is geared towards investing a genuine emotional interest in the subject matter, as I believe sincerely in the power of imagery with regards to evoking emotional response as a means of catharsis; stimulating creative intelligence; and the concept of social empathy. I have a strong sense of tradition in my use of pastoral imagery, rhyme and alliteration, yet contemporary in my focus upon the stimulative effect of poetry on emotional response; and the relativity and impact of language upon a diverse range of people from different social backgrounds.


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