Recent stuff going down in Funky town.

Yeah, so the weather is changeable, and it feels like Summer is taking it’s own holiday this year. Birds are checking their watches, frogs haven’t a clue whether they should be swimming, spawning or yawning, but hey, there is GOOD NEWS. ‘Spring Watch’ is on the telly (hooway!) and there is some awesome groovy stuff soon to be going down in funky town, so rejoice in the waffle I offer to brighten your day. Hallelujah praise the cake!

I did not make this... but my god...

I did not make this. Somebody please make a gluten-free version and promptly APPLY IT TO MY FACE.

Firstly I have a marvellous proposition for you if you’re at a loss for occupation this coming weekend (and even if you’re not, you should still consider this an option, for it is marvellous). This Saturday, for a period between 2-4pm, I’ll be performing at the highly anticipated ‘Respect in the Park’ Festival in Exeter City Centre. ‘The City’s Annual Celebration of Diversity’ will be flourishing it’s cultural bouquet in the Belmont Park from 12-7pm on Saturday, and 11-6pm on Sunday. Entry is free, so come revel in the voluptuous muffin of cultural diversity that Exeter has to offer! (NB: I can neither confirm nor deny the actual presence of cake). If you would like to find out more about the Respect festival, you can check out the website here:

Also, I will be releasing my new poetry collection ‘Fructose’ soon! I cannot tell you exactly how soon, as my version of ‘soon’ might be different from yours (IT’S ALL RELATIVE) but as sure as kittens are cute and hedgehogs are prickly, it shall be available for perusal this summer. I’m currently working with the very talented and lovely Samantha Smart on the photography for the front cover, so once that’s all in place, extracts from the collection and details of where to find it will be posted right here!

I was going to tell you about my magical, dream-fulfilling experience of happening upon a HELLO KITTY exhibit at the Exeter V&A museum… but that shall have to wait. My planet needs me. So for now, I shall bid you adieu. PORRIDGE! Cheers-then-love-you-byee! xXx




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